Show me your Mumu Lolla Top-Watermelon Pebble
Show me you Mumu

Show me your Mumu Lolla Top-Watermelon Pebble

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This yummy bright pink gal is ready to turn it up. Pairs perfectly with prints, solids, and denim. Watermelon Pebble is somehow bright and soft all at the same time! Ready for adventure? Here you come!
So obsessed with this off the shoulder action! Lolla Top has some skinny mini spaghetti straps that go over your shoulders, but the real showstopper is how her flowy sleeves fall off the shoulder showing off all that work you’ve been putting into your arms at the gym. With her two cords in the front you can tie her up or let her hang loose. Throw on some cutoffs and booties and you’ll be ready for anything!

*100% Poly
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended

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